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Translating your important files

Are you in need of a qualified translator to make sense of your important documents? Aalami World Languages based in West Yorkshire only use highly qualified and trained translators on all assignments.

We cover all industries so your translation will be covered by a suitable specialist. We have particular expertise in working in the legal organisations, medical & health sector, so we are proficient in translating documents such as legal documents, reports, marriage certificates, immigration related. Please contact us for a free quote.

Our professional translation team of experts is fluent in more than 200 languages and dialects. We have the skills to translate a range of text from documents and reports to emails and websites, our translation is always of the highest quality.

Whether it's a short piece of text or thousands of words, our translation service can help. We specialise in South Asian and Eastern European languages. We make sure that only the translator experienced in the subject field is assigned to carry out the translation.


All of our translators hold a linguistic degree in their target language. We verify the accuracy of all translations and we are reliable and here to meet your deadlines.  

All translations of legal documents will be accompanied by a "Translators' Declaration".
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Are your documents lost in translation? Contact Aalami World Languages, based in West Yorkshire.
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"Aalami World Languages is among my top-ten favourite clients. I've always found them a thoroughly professional and diligent company with very friendly and co-operative PMs, especially Zarqa.

Best of all, they are always very generous in praising my work and very prompt in making my payments :-)
I wish Aalami exemplary success in becoming the top-most translation company in UK."

Sohail Moghul - Translator

So what do you need translating?

Our experts can translate a wide range of documents including:
  • Marriage Certificates.
  • Birth Certificates.
  • University Certificates.
  • Divorce Decrees.
  • Non-Molestation Orders
  • Court Orders.
  • Leaflets, Booklets, Posters
  • And Much More
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Audio/video transcription

Aalami World Languages offers a comprehensive audio and video translating and transcribing service. Our experts operate with a high level of confidentiality and can translate a vast range of audio devices from police taped interviews to video recordings. If you have any audio recordings or video footage that needs translating, get in touch with us today.
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"I joined Aalami World Languages in 2015, as new interpreter in the arena I was given the platform and confidence from the management to undertake work in all legal interpreting. Aalami World language provides excellent and a professional service for everyone. Payments and rates are generous and always on time. Thank you for all the support and help I look forward to continue working with you."

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